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Your Thyroid!

Do you hold back your emotions? Do you say “yes” but really want to say “No”? Do you keep in what you really want to say or do?  If you do any of these, your thyroid can be at risk!  Your thyroid represents your throat chakra- Your Voice!  When you hide your voice you are […]

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Are Bio-identical Hormones for you?

There are two main times in a woman or a man’s life that hormone imbalances may arise.  For women, it happens during your menstruating years, and then at menopause.  For men, before age 50 then at andropause. Hormonal Imbalance Symptoms: weight issues insomnia anxiety irritability/anger hot flashes memory fog low libido irregular/heavy periods hair loss […]

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Mental Health

Naturopathic medicine works by addressing the root cause of disease. This is one of my oaths that I obey with every patient.  It works by treating both the body (physical symptoms) and the mind (emotional suppression).  Mental suppression leads to physical disease.  For instance, obesity- we address diet and nutrition but at the same time […]

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The Perfect Lifestyle Program… Join the Group in 2017!

After having 3 kids (in 4 years…) and nursing all of them for about 16 months each.  It was time to focus on getting my body back.  Of course we know that diets don’t work… why? because they are designed for short term use. Through my struggles and successes of putting this program together…It finally works!! […]

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What is your Cardiovascular Risk Assessment?

Have you ever wondered what your risk of having a heart attack or stroke is? There are many risk factors that can increase your risk: Age >50 for both men and women (especially post menopausal women) High Blood pressure >140/90 High Cholesterol: high triglycerides, high LDL (bad cholesterol), low HDL (good cholesterol) Obesity Hyperglycemia (diabetes) […]

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Do you fall into this Cycle… Adrenal-Thyroid-Ovaries/Uterus?

Many of us go about our day in a rush.  Making no time to even breathe and feel the tension in our bodies.  It is important to take time in the day to slow the pace down with deep breaths before each transition you make during the day.  For example, before you leave the house […]

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How can Different Foods Effect your Body? A Look at Food Sensitivities!

Our bodies experience 2 different reactions to food. IgE reaction– this is an immediate reaction to food.  Also known as an allergy.  For example, if you were to have a glass of milk, right away you would be in the bathroom with diarrhea.  This is known as lactose intolerance. IgG reaction– this is the reaction […]

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WHO’s meat report…Naturopathic Nutrition Tips!

Eating just 50 grams of processed meat daily increases your risk of colorectal cancer by 18%- this is as much as 1 hotdog per day! WHO announced that processed meats are carcinogenic, now considered a “Group 1” cancer hazard, which places them in same group as asbestos and tobacco. Canadian Cancer Society has recommended to restrict […]

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Breast feeding Tips from a Nursing Naturopathic Doctor

For those of you who know me I was recently on maternity leave for my third child (first boy after 2 girls)… I am truly blessed!  My oldest, now 5 years… I breastfed for 13 months.  My second, now 3.5 years… I breastfed for 16 months.  And, now my third who is currently 11 months, […]

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