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Do you fall into this Cycle… Adrenal-Thyroid-Ovaries/Uterus?

Many of us go about our day in a rush.  Making no time to even breathe and feel the tension in our bodies.  It is important to take time in the day to slow the pace down with deep breaths before each transition you make during the day.  For example, before you leave the house […]

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How can Different Foods Effect your Body? A Look at Food Sensitivities!

Our bodies experience 2 different reactions to food. IgE reaction– this is an immediate reaction to food.  Also known as an allergy.  For example, if you were to have a glass of milk, right away you would be in the bathroom with diarrhea.  This is known as lactose intolerance. IgG reaction– this is the reaction […]

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WHO’s meat report…Naturopathic Nutrition Tips!

Eating just 50 grams of processed meat daily increases your risk of colorectal cancer by 18%- this is as much as 1 hotdog per day! WHO announced that processed meats are carcinogenic, now considered a “Group 1” cancer hazard, which places them in same group as asbestos and tobacco. Canadian Cancer Society has recommended to restrict […]

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Breast feeding Tips from a Nursing Naturopathic Doctor

For those of you who know me I was recently on maternity leave for my third child (first boy after 2 girls)… I am truly blessed!  My oldest, now 5 years… I breastfed for 13 months.  My second, now 3.5 years… I breastfed for 16 months.  And, now my third who is currently 11 months, […]

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Happy Proclamation Day!

As of today July 1, 2015 Naturopathic Doctors in Ontario are now included under the Regulated Health Professions Act. This provides better health care for you! A few changes: 1. Naturopathic Doctors may now prescribe some drugs; hormones, high doses of certain vitamins. 2. Naturopathic Doctors can provide requisitions for blood work at your local […]

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Lend your Voice- support Naturopathic Doctors access to external labs!

Please lend your voice to the Ontario Association of Naturopathic Doctors (OAND’s) email-to-target campaign which will connect Naturopathic Doctors, students, and patients with their local Member of Provincial Parliament (MPP) and Hon. Dr. Eric Hoskins, Ontario’s Minister of Health and Long-Term Care.  The emails will help inform MPPs of the concerns that Naturopathic Doctors and students […]

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Spring Detox- Great Time to Check your Thyroid

During the winter months, based on evolution, it’s important to gain a few pounds to help our bodies regulate temperature.  However, during the spring and summer months that extra weight should shed easily, again due to the change in temperature and metabolism. Which gland helps regulate our body temperature and metabolism?  It’s your thyroid! Symptoms […]

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Who Can Benefit from B12 Shots?

Signs and Symptoms of B12 deficiency can include: fatigue poor memory/concentration low mood numbness and tingling in hands and feet. WHO MIGHT BENEFIT? – individuals with a diet low in B12 sources such as meat, eggs, fish, dairy and fortified food sources.  This can include vegans and vegetarians -people that experience poor B12 absorption due […]

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Start the School Year off Right!

Keep your children healthy and happy all year long with probiotics and DHA!  It is no secret that many children don’t eat as well as they should.  Proper nutrition is essential for the growth, development, and function of children’s minds and bodies. 1. Daily Probiotic Support Benefits include: a) Great for daily immune health and […]

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