B12 Injections/ IV Therapy

B12 Injections/ IV Therapy

Are you a candidate for B12 injections??  You should test your B12 levels to make sure they are adequate.  Most patients have levels  at the lower end of 200 and unfortunately your B12 needs to be much higher to optimize your energy and mood.  B12 injections allows B12 to bypass the stomach and enter directly into your system to provide immediate effects.  We use only the best, methylcobalamin.  B12 helps with energy, speed up metabolism, boosts your immune system, helps with sleep and much more…

You will need an initial assessment first before starting B12 injections.  You will also need to perform a B12 blood test or provide a blood test results performed in the last 3 months to begin the treatment.

IV Therapy is method of delivering higher dose vitamins and minerals directly into the blood stream to provide immediate results.  Many patients have digestive and malabsorption issues which can lead to vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

This treatment option is coming soon to Nature’s Touch as we are in the middle of applying for our premise inspection.

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