Upcoming Thermography Clinic Dates

  1. September 20, 2021: 9am- 5pm.
  2. December 6, 2021: 9am – 5pm.
  3. April 25, 2022: 9am- 5pm.
  4. July 25, 2022: 9am- 5pm

Call 1800-403-2041 or you can also book easily online at

Corporate: Lunch and Learns

Nature’s Touch provides lunch and learns at your workplace during the lunch hour.  Do you want to learn about how stress can affect your health, how to reduce sick days by improving your immune system or how to eat better to improve your energy?  Empower your health by taking the first step at learning about how naturopathic medicine can improve your life and workplace.

Community Support

Nature’s Touch loves to give back to the community.  Every year we organize our annual “Naturopathic Walk for Wellness” since 2008.  This event occurs every May promoting wellness and empowering people in the community to move and accumulate their steps, sample some gluten and dairy free items and win a chance for various gift baskets.  Other events include gluten/dairy free potlucks, lectures/seminars, gift basket giveaways and hair donations for Locks of Love.

Nature’s Touch has sponsored kids Baseball teams, Hockey and Basketball leagues.

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