About Us

About Us


We are Brampton’s home for empowered health since 2007.  Your health is important to us.  Nature’s Touch Naturopathic Clinic wants to take you on a health journey to create a positive impact on your life and create a generation of future role models that are healthy, motivated and empowered.

Do you feel tired? Do you feel anxious? Do you feel bloated or have gas? Are you trying to lose weight with no success? Do you feel irritable? Do you have trouble sleeping?

Here at Nature’s Touch we use different modalities to get to the root of the problem using:

Nutrition- find out which foods are body really loves and we will incorporate them into your own customized meal plan.

Acupuncture– to allow the movement of energy in your body to address many health issues, fertility and muscular skeletal issues.

Bio identical Hormones and Thyroid Hormones- after evaluating your hormones a natural progesterone or estrogen or natural desiccated thyroid hormones may be necessary

Botanical Therapy– uses herb supplements to regulate the different systems in your body.

Bach Flower Remedy– get your constitutional formulation based on the your emotions that you are suppressing.

IV Therapy & Injections– get your full dose vitamins and minerals directly into the blood and bypass your gut so your body doesn’t have to digest them.

Additional therapies to help bridge your body and mind include: Osteopath, Registered Massage Therapy, Social Work and Reiki Therapy with Life Coach

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