Find out the RIGHT Foods for your BODY!

There are 2 main food reactions;

IgE- this is an immediate reaction.  For example, you drink a glass of milk and you end up in the bathroom with diarrhea.

IgG- this is a delayed reaction to food.  For example, you decide to have a banana for breakfast and you don’t feel the effects of the banana until the evening or the next day.

What symptoms would you experience if that food item doesn’t agree with you?

  1. Fatigue, feeling weak
  2. Skin- itching, redness, rashes, acne
  3. Memory fog, anxiety, mood disorders, headaches/migraines
  4. Joint pain, muscle stiffness
  5. More susceptibility to colds and flus
  6. Digestive- gas, bloating, constipation, diarrhoea
  7. Weight gain

This is a blood test done at Lifelabs that will determine which foods your blood is sensitive too.  This tests a minimum of 120 foods; including gluten, dairy, meats, eggs, fish, nuts/seeds/beans, fruits and vegetables and herbs and spices.  Any food items that get highlighted as yellow or red are foods that you will need to eliminate as we heal your digestive tract so that you can go back to eating some of the foods again.

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