Acupuncture- Is it for you?

Do you suffer from muscle pain? Anxiety or Depression? Menstrual issues? Infertility? Headaches/Migraines? or you have deep wrinkles that you want reduced?

Acupuncture is about unblocking “qi” spots that are blocked in the body.  By tapping the needles into these spots we allow energy to flow efficiently and resolve the issues that you may be experiencing.

Acupuncture can also be used in a technique called Myofascial Release– this involves inserting needles into tight muscles.  The muscle then spasms and relaxes to provide instant relief.

3 things that can be added to your acupuncture protocol:

  1. Heat lamp– heat can be applied over the needles to help with fertility and sore muscles
  2. Acustim machine– electrodes are added to the tips of the acupuncture needles to provide a deeper stimulation into the muscles.
  3. Cupping– suction type cups are added following or prior to your acupuncture treatment to help release heat and massage the muscles.

Many believe that acupuncture hurts!  It actually doesn’t… they are very fine needles (not like getting a blood draw) and most don’t even realize when they are in.  The treatment is booked for 30 mins.  About 10 mins to put the needles in and 20 mins to relax.

Acupuncture treatments can be covered under your naturopathic coverage.  Most patients feel better within 6 treatments… but up to 12 spaced over a longer time frame.  Try it Today!  I would suggest booking a bunch over a couple of weeks just because the schedule can get full and at least you will have your spot saved to maximize your success.

Dr. Maria Papasodaro, ND

(905) 451-3200

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