Peel those ONION Layers!

Bach Flower essences include energy essences from various flowers. These flowers are extremely powerful at trying to unravel your emotional layers that inhibit you to truly experience life. Through many years of emotional suppression, various symptoms begin to form. Such as weight gain, depression, acid reflux, insomnia etc.

No matter how much treatment you seek to hide your symptoms with pharmaceutical drugs or supplements, the suppressed thoughts are always there.

The root of those symptoms has to involve treating the mind. One of the best ways is by using Bach flower remedies.

What does it involve? You fill out a questionnaire that has questions only associated with emotions, fears, phobias, or compulsive behaviors. The answers are combined with my case taking questions and are used to come up with a formula made up of 6 flowers. For instance, the flower impatiens is used to treat people who are impatient!

How do you take it? It’s very easy… Add a few drops in your water bottle and sip through the day, do that 3x/day.

How long do I take it for? 3 months, as the emotional layers unravel. The questionnaire is then filled again and some questions will improve but others will become more significant because those emotions were hidden before.
During the initial week or weeks of taking the product, many emotions may surface like crying, happy, sad as you move through your layers! This roller coaster is important to address the root cause of your disease.

Come on in and get your own personalized Bach flower remedy in order to address your emotions that have been suppressed!

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