4 Steps to Help Optimize Fertility!

To optimize fertility- infertility can be a very frustrating time for couples. Nowadays there are many additional forms of conception due to better technology… But at an expensive cost! To better your chances naturally try these 4 steps and by seeking out my naturopathic services to individualize the best treatment plan for you…

1) improve overall health: drink more water, find out food sensitivities with my IgG blood spot test, quit smoking and drinking at least about 3-4 months before attempting to conceive. Rule out any problems with thyroid, iron deficiency, hormones, fibroids/cysts, endometriosis or PCOS.

2) start basic supplementation: folic acid, multi, and a good fish oil! Should also get tested for vitamin D levels to make sure your not deficient. Others may be necessary depending on your other health concerns which would be assessed after an initial consultation.

3) menstruation health: are you regular? Is your flow too heavy or too light? PMS symptoms? There could be signs of a hormone imbalance, as a Naturopathic Doctor we are trained to address. Acupuncture has been shown to help bring better blood flow to the uterus in order to optimize your chances!

4) the power of our mind and body energy: positive affirmations and visualization of egg and sperm penetrating and implementing. Are you and your partner on the same energy field. Tip to try! Before intercourse try lying down beside each other and breath together at the same time.

Begin your Journey to Wellness!

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