Let’s Talk…Anxiety and Depression

The most common mental health conditions I see in my practice are anxiety and depression. This includes people of all races, age and gender!

People seek out naturopathic care for multiple reasons;

1. Want to come off their prescription medication;

2. Want a natural form of treatment;

3. Better understanding of why they are suffering;

How I can help using naturopathic medicine?

1. Discover possible food sensitivities as food toxins can effect the brain.

2. Address lifestyle changes or challenges.

3. Address any vitamin or mineral deficiency.  Many Canadians are Vitamin D deficient…taking up to 5,000IU can help the symptoms of depression.

4. Bach Flower remedies. These aid in unravelling mental emotional thoughts that are suppressed, just like an onion, in order to get to the core of the problem.

5. Homeopathy. Energetic medicine to bring your body back into balance.

6. Lifestyle Counseling. I work and listen to your thoughts to help you unravel and identify the emotions that are making you suffer.


Journal- write out emotions on a piece of paper then tear or burn it…very therapeutic to release frustrations.

Rescue remedy by Dr.Bach- spray into mouth as needed when symptoms surface.

Read- the book The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz allowed me to see the big picture…it will help you!

Vision Board- envision your life how you want to be living it right now.

Anxiety and depression can be a long road to recovery as many live in silence for many years before seeking some form of treatment.

Let me help you through your journey to wellness!

Dr. Maria Papasodaro, ND

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