How to Create and Achieve Your Goals for 2014!

Do you ever feel like your achievements are always in a distant past or too far away to grasp?

We all live and experience life on different energy fields. Every one you meet live at your energy field or try to help you move to a new energy level. Have you been stuck in a bad relationship that even when that relationship ends, the next one is just as bad as the previous one. That’s because you were still stuck in the same energy field!

The best way to move energy fields is by making goals based on the “LAW OF ATTRACTION”.

1. Create a vision board– on a piece of cardboard paper, cut and paste image clippings onto the board of things that you CURRENTLY (not past or in the future) want in your life. For instance, type of career, family, wedding ring, car etc.  Everyday envision your life with the board…you will begin to live a life that will allow you to to achieve those goals.

2. Gratitude List– write out a list of things in your life that you are grateful for…you should always appreciate the things you currently have in your life!

3. Energetic medicine– treatment options such as Homeopathy and Bach flower remedies allows you to shed layers of suppressed emotions and bring your body back to equilibrium, allowing your body to shift energy fields so that you are more aware of the goals that need to be set for your life.

Creating and achieving the goals you want for yourself can be the most inspirational thing you do for yourself. It may mean an end of old friends, new drastic hair cut, new job change or a new relationship…you deserve the positive changes!

Dr. Maria Papasodaro, ND