IN PERSON VISITS- this is for any essential visit that requires a physical exam, acupuncture, B12/IV therapy, massage and osteopath

VIRTUAL VISITS- encouraged to continue for non-essential visits. Hours have been extended to accommodate you. This is available by video or phone.

Nature’s Touch Policies and Procedures regarding COVID-19

Patient Requirements:

1. A mask will be required whenever you are coming into the clinic.  An N95 is not required

2. We are requesting patients arrive ALONE for their appointments unless it is for a minor and then a parent or guardian is required or for a couples counselling appointment.

3. Please arrive on time! Please notify us from your vehicle once you arrived and remain in your vehicle until we notify you to proceed to the clinic. Please notify us if going to be late as we need to keep to schedule to control traffic in and out of the clinic.

4.   Each patient will be required to use hand sanitizer once you arrive at the clinic which is located at the front desk.

5.   All intakes/consent forms will be emailed prior to your appointment.  If you were unable to then you will have to complete them in your vehicle before arriving as you will not be able to fill them out at the clinic waiting room.

6.   A temperature check and the following questionnaire will take place before each appointment:

      a) Do you have any of the following new symptoms?  If associated with allergies, chronic or pre-existing conditions have they worsened within the last 14 days?

      – fever. -cough. -sore throat. -dyspnea/respiratory symptoms. -myalgia or fatigue

      b) have you travelled outside of the country in the last 14 days?

      c) Have you had exposure to someone diagnosed with COVID-19 in the past 14 days or experiencing any of the above symptoms in the last 14 days?

7.  We request that you limit the amount of personal belongings and only bring what is necessary with you.

8.  Patients have the option to pay by Etransfer.  Please send to prior to leaving the clinic and your invoice will be emailed to you.

Clinic Requirements:

1. Virtual appointments should be encouraged unless it is a new patient that need for physical assessment or follow up person visits for acupuncture, massage/osteopath, IV or B12 injections.

2.   We have increased the time frame between patient visits to allow time to sanitize treatment rooms and too clean all equipment used between patients and to limit patient exposure to other patients.

3.   All practitioners will be required to wear their required PPE such as mask/ face shields and appropriate gowns based on treatment.

4.   Only one patient per practitioner (includes IV therapy) will be allowed in the clinic at one time.

5.   All invoices will be emailed to each patient- at this time will not be giving printed copies to reduce spread with anything being taken out of the clinic.

6.  Plexiglass has been installed to protect reception

7.  Our bathroom will only be used by practitioners- patients can use the bathrooms off the elevators