Are you Eating a Balanced Diet? Find out Your BMR!

Your nutrition should be the most important aspect of your daily life. “You are what you eat”… If you consume hamburger and fries vs. vegetables and chicken your body tells you the difference! Do you ever feel tired after you eat? Perhaps you are not eating the right foods. What we take into our bodies shapes the journey your health will be on.
The most important metabolic markers that your nutrition is effecting your health are:
1. High Blood pressure
2. High Cholesterol
3. Abdominal obesity
4. High Fasting glucose
Your body sends you signals- PAY ATTENTION!

As a Naturopathic Doctor, I am trained in nutrition. I measure your basal metabolic rate (BMR) with a weight scale to determine how many calories your body requires everyday to maintain your weight. Therefore, depending on your nutritional goal I would either decrease or increase your BMR.

Ideal Nutritional Categories:
1. Legumes- beans, peas, hummus, lentils
2. Category 1 Vegetables-cucumber, lettuce, mushrooms etc, usually unlimited!
3. Category 2 Vegetables- carrots, potato, sweet potato, beets, limited!
4. Proteins- eggs, meat, cheese
5. Fruits
6. Nuts/Seeds
7. Oils/Fats- avocado, olives
8. Dairy- milk, yogurt
9. Grains- limited to one/day!!

Depending on your BMR, I let you know exactly how many servings from each category you should be consuming. This lifestyle program allows you to lower your metabolic abnormalities; lowers blood pressure, cholesterol and fasting glucose… in the meantime allowing people to lose weight!
This lifestyle change allows you to meet all nutritional requirements… No daily multivitamin is necessary!
Ask Dr. Maria Papasodaro, your naturopathic Doctor what your BMR is and begin your journey to wellness!

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