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Are Bio-identical Hormones for you?

There are two main times in a woman or a man’s life that hormone imbalances may arise.  For women, it happens during your menstruating years, and then at menopause.  For men, before age 50 then at andropause.

Hormonal Imbalance Symptoms:

  1. weight issues
  2. insomnia
  3. anxiety
  4. irritability/anger
  5. hot flashes
  6. memory fog
  7. low libido
  8. irregular/heavy periods
  9. hair loss
  10. breast tenderness
The best way to determine a hormone imbalance is by performing a salivary hormone test.  Saliva is more accurate than blood, especially because it is performed at a specific time in the cycle and therefore, the exact values are known.  Hormone test investigates your levels of estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, DHEA and cortisol.
Bio identical Hormones
Are naturally occurring hormones, like the ones already in our body.  In menstruating women, a natural progesterone cream would help to correct a deficiency in progesterone or an excess in estrogen.  During menopause, often a combination of estrogen/progesterone creams are required to offset the imbalance of estrogen and progesterone as they decrease.
Dr. Maria Papasodaro, ND

Mental Health

Naturopathic medicine works by addressing the root cause of disease. This is one of my oaths that I obey with every patient.  It works by treating both the body (physical symptoms) and the mind (emotional suppression).  Mental suppression leads to physical disease.  For instance, obesity- we address diet and nutrition but at the same time need to address why the patient uses food as comfort- what is the emotional trigger?  Another example is hypothyroidism- we address the physical with nutrition and optimizing thyroid function but at the same time need to address the emotional suppression with the throat.  Are there feelings of inability to say NO, pleasing and keeping your mouth shut, or a lack of opportunity to express an artistic ability.

Naturopathic Approach to Mental Suppression

  1. Lifestyle Counseling
  2. Bach flower remedies- help to unravel layers of emotional suppression until we address the root cause
  3. Homeopathic remedies
  4. Journaling- when finished each day-tear up the sheet of paper- Do not keep and re-read!
Dr. Maria Papasodaro, ND



The Perfect Lifestyle Program… Join the Group in 2017!

After having 3 kids (in 4 years…) and nursing all of them for about 16 months each.  It was time to focus on getting my body back.  Of course we know that diets don’t work… why? because they are designed for short term use.

Through my struggles and successes of putting this program together…It finally works!!

Lifestyle changes are not just about losing weight… it is much more than that.  It is about having more energy, better mood, better bowel movements, less pain, less anxiety/depression/memory fog and also, the most important to help prevent your risk of heart attacks, stroke, diabetes and cancers.

There are 2 main parts to MY program:

  1. EAT THE RIGHT FOODS FOR YOUR BODY- this involves me helping you discover which foods your body is sensitive too.
  2. EAT THE RIGHT AMOUNT OF FOOD- each person requires a different amount of food to sustain healthy daily functioning.  Let me help you put together the right amount of food to eat.

This new group will also been involved in a new facebook page set up by Nature’s Touch Naturopathic Clinic.  All patients enrolled in this program will have the OPTION to be part of this group.  The group is a support group for myself and other members to post food ideas/pictures, encouragement, tips, successes and failures.  No part of your case will be discussed as that will continue to remain confidential.

If you have any specific questions, please feel free to message me at

Dr. Maria Papasodaro, ND

Nature’s Touch Naturopathic Clinic



What is your Cardiovascular Risk Assessment?

Have you ever wondered what your risk of having a heart attack or stroke is?

There are many risk factors that can increase your risk:

  1. Age >50 for both men and women (especially post menopausal women)
  2. High Blood pressure >140/90
  3. High Cholesterol: high triglycerides, high LDL (bad cholesterol), low HDL (good cholesterol)
  4. Obesity
  5. Hyperglycemia (diabetes)
  6. Smoking and over consumption of alcohol
  7. Overuse of NSAIDS (like advil)
  8. Family history
  9. Stress and traumas

Find out your risk by plugging your numbers in this cardiovascular risk assessment tool.

Exercise and dietary treatments can provide the biggest benefit outcome in reducing your risk in the next 10 years!

Begin your journey today with my lifestyle program…eat the right foods and right amount for your body.  This will change your life for better and reduce your risk of having a stroke or heart attack.  Take an active role to be here for your family and friends!


Do you fall into this Cycle… Adrenal-Thyroid-Ovaries/Uterus?

Many of us go about our day in a rush.  Making no time to even breathe and feel the tension in our bodies.  It is important to take time in the day to slow the pace down with deep breaths before each transition you make during the day.  For example, before you leave the house in the morning, take a few deep breaths.  Stress can play a huge role in the way that we feel.  Chronic stress releases cortisol which over time causes fatigue.  This increase in cortisol plays a huge role on our thyroid and ovaries/uterus.

Signs and Symptoms– do you experience any of these?

Adrenals: fatigue, exhausted, low blood pressure

Thyroid-dry skin, hair loss, cold hands and feet, weight gain/or difficult to lose, thyroid nodules, hypothyroidism

Ovaries/Uterus– menstrual issues, uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts

Naturopathic Treatments

  1. Develop a sleep routine- same time every night.  Routine is the best to help regulate YOUR adrenals.
  2. Better stress perception
  3. Supplements- many herbs are used to help regulate your adrenals and thyroid to improve symptoms.
  4. Salt/water shot- this can help increase blood pressure to improve your adrenal function
  5. Hormone balance to reduce estrogen load to help shrink cysts and fibroids.
  6. Homeopathic remedies are used to reset any menstrual issues based on the moon cycle

My job is to figure out where the cycle began to go wrong.  Treatment is required to teach the body what to do again so that you can begin to feel better.  Goal? 3 months in a row symptom-free lets me know that we are treating the root cause of the cycle.

Begin your Journey to Wellness!

Dr. Maria Papasodaro, ND




Celebrating 8 years…opened doors on November 1, 2007!




How can Different Foods Effect your Body? A Look at Food Sensitivities!

Our bodies experience 2 different reactions to food.

  1. IgE reaction– this is an immediate reaction to food.  Also known as an allergy.  For example, if you were to have a glass of milk, right away you would be in the bathroom with diarrhea.  This is known as lactose intolerance.
  2. IgG reaction– this is the reaction that I am interested in.  This reaction can take up to 48 hours to present itself.  For example, if you were to eat a banana for breakfast, you may not experience the negative effects of the banana until the evening, next day or day after.  This is known as a food sensitivity!

IgG Food Sensitivities and the effects on your Body:

Systemic: fatigue, chills, sweating and feeling weak, weight gain or loss

Skin: rashes, eczema, acne, itching, psoriasis

Brain: mood disorders, brain fog, memory, anxiety and depression, migraines, behavioural issues, ADHD, autism

Lungs: more prone to colds and flus

Musculoskeletal: joint pains and muscle weakness

Digestive: nausea, vomiting, gas/bloating, diarrhea or constipation

The IgG reactions can effect at 1 level or all levels.  There are 2 ways to determine your food sensitivities;

  1. To conduct an elimination diet for a couple of weeks; or
  2. To test for your food sensitivities.

The IgG food blood test is the preferred choice by many of my patients because it is easier and gives you the concrete evidence of what to avoid and consume.  This test is performed by blood draw.  Your blood is then analyzed to 120 or 200 different food antigens to determine its reaction over the 48 hour critical time.  The foods that result in a moderate or high reaction are avoided from the diet for a period of time.  Once the foods are avoided this gives time to for your body to heal.

Begin your journey of wellness by determining which foods are right for YOUR body.  Many extended insurance companies cover the cost of the IgG blood serum food test- inquire to find out.

Dr. Maria Papasodaro, ND

Nature’s Touch Naturopathic Clinic


WHO’s meat report…Naturopathic Nutrition Tips!

Eating just 50 grams of processed meat daily increases your risk of colorectal cancer by 18%- this is as much as 1 hotdog per day!

WHO announced that processed meats are carcinogenic, now considered a “Group 1” cancer hazard, which places them in same group as asbestos and tobacco.

Canadian Cancer Society has recommended to restrict red meat consumption to 3x per week or even for just special occasions.

Toronto Star listed top 5 things to do to decrease overall risk of cancer.

  1. Never Smoke
  2. Caution with drinking-no more than 2 drinks per day.
  3. Caution with meat
  4. Exercise often
  5. Eat lots of fruits and Vegetables- 7+ portions daily decreased cancer risk by 25%

Naturopathic Nutrition Tips

  1. Try different lifestyle diets: Vegetarian or Vegan
  2. Consume other meat sources such as chicken, turkey, fish
  3. Choose processed meats that are nitrite free for your special occassions
  4. Consume other protein sources such as eggs, beans and legumes
  5. Increase green leafy vegetables for more iron
  6. Other dairy protein sources: mozzarella cheese, ricotta, parmesan cheese and cottage cheese
  7. Improve your gut function and bowel movements
  8. Decrease your acidic body terrain

If your diet is high in processed meat or red meat..this is the perfect time to improve your health and become more proactive.  Nature’s Touch Naturopathic Clinic can help address your acidic body terrain by doing a nutritional detoxification program.  To help your body get back on track we can individualize a treatment plan for you and begin your journey to wellness!

Dr. Maria Papasodaro, ND


Breast feeding Tips from a Nursing Naturopathic Doctor

For those of you who know me I was recently on maternity leave for my third child (first boy after 2 girls)… I am truly blessed!  My oldest, now 5 years… I breastfed for 13 months.  My second, now 3.5 years… I breastfed for 16 months.  And, now my third who is currently 11 months, I am still nursing.

Each one was a different experience but I was fortunate to have 3 babies latch and feed well on exclusively breast milk.

So a few tips I learned along the way to produce and maintain a sufficient amount of breast milk…

1. As soon as baby is born- put baby to breast and very often.  Do not follow the every 3-4 hour feed schedule.  Feed on demand!  The more they suck during the first month the more milk you will produce.

2. Do not top up with formula… this is tempting, but if baby is gaining weight then you are giving enough.  Don’t worry about ounces… you will never know while breastfeeding.

3. Try not to give a soother.  I did not give a soother to any of mine… you become the soother.  Yes, this is hard work… but pays off because increases breast milk production and you become the babies attachment… not an object.

4. There are also great herbs to try to increase if needed.

5. Acupuncture can also stimulate lactation.

These are just a few of my experiences… each mom will have their own individual differences.  As a Naturopathic Doctor I can help figure out what is needed to help you achieve your goals with breastfeeding.  Whether your goal is to give colostrum for the first week or to breastfeed for 6 months or a year, naturopathic medicine has many treatments and lifestyle techniques to help.

Let me help you achieve your goals with breast feeding.

Dr. Maria Papasodaro, ND



Happy Proclamation Day!

As of today July 1, 2015 Naturopathic Doctors in Ontario are now included under the Regulated Health Professions Act.

This provides better health care for you!

A few changes:

1. Naturopathic Doctors may now prescribe some drugs; hormones, high doses of certain vitamins.

2. Naturopathic Doctors can provide requisitions for blood work at your local Ontario laboratories such as CML, lifelabs, gamma Dynacare without a MD.  However, still not covered under OHIP and paid out of pocket.

3. Naturopathic Doctors will require 70 hours of continuing education over 3 year cycle to maintain in good standing.

4. Naturopathic Doctors will be able to continue to perform acupuncture, spinal manipulations, gynecological and anal examinations, administer certain drugs/substances/vitamins by inhalation and injection (once completing the Prescribing Therapeutics Course and Exam).

5. Naturopathic Doctors can now be addressed as Dr. or Doctor followed by ND after their name.

Naturopathic Medicine is moving in the right direction… be part of this change!!

Nature’s Touch Team.